Lake Erie Asphalt Products

Our services

Lake Erie Asphalt Products (LEAP) is a distributor of Neyra sealers, crack fillers, tools and equipment rental for asphalt needs, parking lots and roadways.

We provide complete asphalt and paving services to a variety of clients ranging from hospitals and mall parking lots to repairing and repaving entire roads.

LEaP is the only company in Ohio that uses polymer sealer, latex based line striping and dust suppression with no waste oil residue to flow into local water supplies and streams.

The environmental damage caused by not using such superior products is irreparable. Our company uses these products and services at no additional cost to our clients.

All of our work is fully warranted and bonded.

  • Asphalt paving
  • Concrete & asphalt sealing
  • Crack filling
  • Line striping
  • Dust suppression


DIY asphalt services

Do it yourself at 1/2 the cost that contractors charge you

Lake Erie Asphalt Products introduces a new program:

  • your workers clean and prep the parking lot​

  • LEAP will send out a trained operator with a spray unit to spray your lot with Tarconite premium sealer

  • a 20,000 sq ft lot will use 285 gallons to sealcoat it with a cost of 700.00 dollars

  • this is for the entire rental of the equipment, the operator, and pay for the gallons you use only.

  • if you have a seasoned maintenance man, he can shoot the job himself, and the operator we provide will simply move the truck

  • we also rent crack-filler easy use kettles, and paving equipment, as well as rollers

  • if your tired of getting watered down sealers, less than 2'' of asphalt, and work that does not hold up, we can easily show shopping center owners or anyone with a parking lot how to save money, and do it right

  • if you have high school students, let them pull weeds, sweep up the debris, and blow down the lot,,,,,,we can do the rest with your help

  • 25,000 sq ft minimum on gallons purchased

free advice
free on the job training
and a job that will last 

Top reasons to use Lake Erie Asphalt

  • You the customer keep all the savings
  • Seal your lot in a matter of hours, open for business sooner than later
  • Remember, your only buying sealer you need, and charged by the gallon 2.75
  • No contractors and middlemen
  • The only NASA approved sealer, used on runways and NASCAR tracks
  • Our atomized spray units have agitation, and air injection for a uniform, fast drying formula.
  • Tarconite and Jennite now available throughout Northern Ohio